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Download New Blender 2.71

New version of Blender is out. New 2.71 version bring us some cool features. Most of you know that this software is absolute free for download. Blender is being made by hundreds of active volunteers from around the world, by individual artists and studios,scientists and students, professionals and hobbyists, VFX experts and animators, game artists and modders. All of them are united by the desire to have access to a fully free/open source 3D creation pipeline.

Features in New Blender 2.71

Cycles now includes support for rendering volume textures, deformation motion blur, baking textures from cycles materials, fire and smoke,  more texture interpolation modes and dedicated UV layer node.

For modeling tools you get new per-face normals feature allows blender to display and export sharp edges correctly without geometry duplication. Also selection tools offer more options.

Sculpting and Painting have also new features and they are a HSL color wheel for color selection and other tools that handle homogenous density in dynamic topology sculpting. Dyntopo and matcap display for sculpt mode have also had performance optimizations.

For Animation Tools you get much more new stuff. More easing equations added for better animation control, auto snapping is now independent from display type, locking time to other windows. The user interface now offers more feedback, especially on errors, updates driver expressions automatically on editing, includes more icons and offers more editing tools. New tools also include lasso selection support, non-linked duplication for strips, and setting preview range based on selected strips.

Download Blender


  • 3dstuff Says

    thanks, for posting this, i wont to learn 3d more, I open blender I am terrified, it looks to complicated, is there any more simple software than this??

  • admin Says

    Hm, it is not that complicated when you spend some time. When I open blender I have same feeling. After a some time you start to figure everything out. If you really don’t like blender try with Cinema 4D. It is more user friendly.

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