What is new in Cinema 4D R16

New Cinema 4D is out. New R16 version bring us huge amount of  cool features.  Most interesting one are:


New Texture Engine – Reflectance

It is new material engine for Cinema 4D. New reflection system is replacement for old specular and reflection channels which are removed from R16. Now we can layer reflection channels on top of each other. To learn more about New Cinema 4D reflectance. Check this video:

Cinema 4D R16 Reflectance video


3D Motion Tracker

Motion Tracker is a new match moving system in Cinema 4D. Now we can motion track directly in Cinema 4D, we don’t need to jump in After Effects anymore for that.

Cinema 4D R16 Motion tracker video


UV Peeler

New UV Peeler creates UV parametrization for single or multiple UV islands on an object, each island corresponding to a continuous seam of selected edges along the length of a cylindrical portion of geometry. All UV-related features now use the same logic to determine which UV tag is affected

Cinema 4D R16 UV Peeler video


Polygon Pen

Great new feature that everyone will love. Now you can draw a polygons using just mouse. It is enabling full control over your points, edges and polygons without switching tools and rarely switching component modes.

Cinema 4D R16 Polygon Pen video


There are plenty new features that Maxon put in new cinema 4D. See them on



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