3D Product Box Mockup

3D Product BOX Mockup is Cinema 4D Template.
Every designer in life gets to the point when he need to create product box for his client, the most of them reach for easy and fast solution and this is photoshop product box mockups. This kind mockup are used to many times, and they are actually fake 3d box with just two sides. So your creativity get limited by product or in this case photoshop mockup you use. With 3D Product BOX Mockup yo get more than just third dimension, you get ability express your creativity without limits.

To use 3D box mockup is really easy, because everything is set up for you, and we made some important options available in just one place. Clicking on Options NULL you will see that you have four custom options tab: basic options, lighting, shadow and camera.

3D Product Box Mockup include:

  • Cinema 4D R15 Template
  • jpg 2048×2048 box texture
  • PSD box design template
  • HTML Documentation

Available Options:

  • Box group rotation
  • Hide or show individual box
  • Enable or disable fake reflection on box
  • Change color of seamless floor
  • Turn on or off floor reflection, also control amount of floor reflection blurriness
  • Control intensity of 4 light individually or as a group
  • Enable or disable shadow, change shadow color, choose up to three shadow type and control their density
  • Position shadow using just two sliders
  • Choose up to 10 focal length custom presets for your camera
  • Change focus distance or tilt your camera
  • Control Depth of Field of your camera
  • Use 3 composition helpers and change their color
Available on Turbosquid

3D product Box Mockup - Cinema 4D R15 Template

3D product Box Mockup – Cinema 4D R15 Template