HDRi Light Room 4

HDRi Lightmap 5000×2500. HDRi Light Room 4 is made of four different light sources windows, one door, long slash ceiling lamps, and one cylindrical lamp. Include file versions: HDR , EXR and jpg.

HDRi Light Room 4 Features

  • High resolution 5000×2500 px
  • Clean design for controllable lighting and reflection
  • Include formats: .hdr, .exr. and 16bit .jpg

Preview images are made easy and fast. Using Cinema 4D I put this HDR lightmap on luminance channel on new created material. Then I put this material on Sky map and setup render options.

For preview images i use this render options:

Anti-Aliasing: Best
Ambient Occlusion: max samples 200
Global Illumination: IR+QMC Still Image, Diffuse Depth = 2, Gamma=2.2

Then I render scene with 3 spheres with floor and back wall. Render time for first preview is less than 30 seconds.

Download from TurbosquidDownload from 3D Ocean


hdri light room 4

HDRi Light Room 4