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How to Get a Pro Website for less money

How To Design a Professional Looking Website Without Spending Too Much Money?

When it comes to creating a website many people tremble in fear at the amount of effort they believe it takes. These same people are also worried that it will be extremely expensive and difficult to manage. While this is true if you contact a popular web design company there are many alternatives available for those who want to get a website up and running with little hassle.

Building a professional website starts off as simply as choosing and purchasing a domain. Web hosting is the next step and there are countless affordable web hosts available to choose from. The next step is the hardest and where most people typically fumble. There are many different Content Management Systems (CMS) available that help users design the website they’re looking for. WordPress is the most simple and effective CMS to use and most web hosts allow a 1-click install of this platform from their website. While it is a fairly straightforward process to get WordPress up and running this is where the most failures occur. Configuring the site is difficult and there is a steep learning curve. Knowing someone who can help you throughout this process can directly influence the success of your website.

After WordPress is installed you are encouraged to choose a theme. With so many different themes available it can be hard to pick the perfect one. It’s not recommended to keep the default theme and WordPress suggests you pick a custom or premium theme for your website. ThemeForest ( is the perfect place to visit for this. Starting at just $25 ThemeForest has over 4,000 WordPress templates and themes available for use. If you want your site to stand out and not get lost in the depths of search engines than choosing a theme from ThemeForest should be the next decision you make. Despite your budget, whether you’re looking for something affordable or want to go all out, there is a theme suitable for your needs.

If you find the previous steps too difficult you can visit Envato Studio ( where you can find plenty of people offering their WordPress management services for a competitive price. A failure with your WordPress site early on, such as something going wrong from improper configuration, can be devastating in the long run. At Envato Studio you will find extremely skilled people offering everything from helping you choose a theme and installing it to SEO optimizing your site and modifying it to your requirements. There is a wide range of freelance programmers and developers who are looking to help you create the perfect site.

After setting up your website on your own or finding someone to help you at Envato Studio you will finally have control over every aspect of your WordPress site. There are plenty of modification options available and while it might seem daunting at first it’s incredibly easy and straightforward to learn WordPress and develop a great looking page. Once your site is looking how you want it to you can start posting content and if you’ve done everything right the traffic will start to flow in. If you still believe that this is a task you’re unable to conquer make sure you contact one of the programmers or developers at Envato Studio and before you know it your WordPress website will be fully designed and ready to go.

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  • masterplayer Says

    if is one click install why I should need pay for WP installation????

    • admin Says

      First because it is not just one click install. Second one click install is not good as manual install. Third most of people stuck on configuration of theme itself. You can install theme but in most cases if theme is more complex it will not look as demo at all. And if WordPress is not installed properly you can also have problems with theme later on.

  • saltone Says

    great text. can I take ES service, if theme is free and it is not downloaded from themeforest ,thanks

    • admin Says

      Most services on Envato Studio are specified for themeforest themes installation. That way service prover, know that he is dealing with top quality themes in the market. Of course there is some exemptions.

  • WPDev Says

    I use themeforest before, but envato studio is new to me, looking at low prices, I have question how good this services on envato studio are?

  • admin Says

    I think that over there you can find good quality service, there are some guys from India that give you good, fast and cheap wordpress installation service.

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